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Pratten and Rudall & Rose Models

These are 5-piece flutes with the traditional metal tuning slide. Nickel-plated rings on the body. Flute roll optional.

Pratten flute Rudall and Rose flute

Delrin stopper with rubber O-ring.

Sound Clip on Pratten model:

A reel and a slow air played on Pratten model by fluteplayer and piper, Ciaran Somers (no relation):

Sound Clip on medium-hole, small bore Rudall & Rose model by fluteplayer, Kozo Toyota:

PRICE: €395.00

Pratten style w/ Delrin Slide

Please note that, for the moment, I am not offering this model as most of my ongoing work is with the 5-piece models.

Aluminium Flute w/ Delrin Head

Sound Samples:

These are now a 3-piece flute as I make them with a joint in the centre of the body (not shown in the photo above).

PRICE: €145.00